Marcelle Armatage
I am a Canadian artist living in Whistler, Bc
I come from a family of "artisans''. I learned from my parents various ways to express myself with freedom and adventure. Never knowing the result of my experimentation, I used my dad's left over car paints on wood and old car parts which I had soldered together.
 Each body of work embodies my interest in unique forms and creative subjects. The design happens in its own time.
My style is continuously evolving to create vivid and bold geometric abstracts using hard edges and vibrant colours.
I create abstract landscapes, still life and neurographic paintings.
My clay sculptures are an expression of human forms, animals, mythical creatures and still life murals.
I am now focusing on painting in which I am incorporating my experience from many years doing clay sculptures and stained glass.
My studio is located in Whistler, BC.
I have exhibited my work in Paris, Quebec, Ontario, Whistler and Greater Vancouver.
I am a member of Whistler Art, Squamish Art, Pemberton Art and Federation of Canadian Artists
I participate in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton Art Walks, Whistler and Squamish Anonymous Shows,  Whistler Teeny Tiny Shows, Whistler Street Banner and more.